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Stave West and the mud flats update.

This past week, many users of the flats were surprised to see someone in an official-looking truck and uniform putting up signs and telling them the flats were being turned into a Provincial park and that they would now have to pay for camping on the flats. 4WDABC President Kim Reeves was on the phone… Continue reading Stave West and the mud flats update.

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Pub night – April 30th, 2015!

The 4WDABC’s second ever pub night! Your main host is Renee Lehoux – with Assistance from Barb Pearse
April 20th
 Renee – 778.688.6176 camillifamily@hotmail.com Barb – 778.874.0248 barbpearse@gmail.com
Tickets:  $20
Members that attend will be entered in a member draw!  The prize is a super secret one..
Not a member and want the prize!
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2015 Board of Directors

I’d like to say thank you to those that came to the AGM, the room was pretty much full.

Minutes will be forwarded out to everyone as soon as I have them.

Just a few notes about your new Board of Directors:

President still – Kim Reeves   Vice president still – Glyn Trafford   Secretary – Rachelle Tomm (Thank you for joining us! we look forward to growing with you)   Treasurer – Krixtina Wheeler (I now have an official title? weird.. )   Member at large – Matthew Philip Ion, Kelly Lynch, John A Larsen, Rick Takasaki (thank you to everyone for stepping up and helping)   Magazine – Maciej Radoszewski still (no he can not run away from us) Appointed Rep for the Interpretive Forest – Dan Wishart

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2011 – East Stave Lake Clean Up

As I sit here tonight with a red Gatorade and some feel good pills, some may be thinking that I tied one on last night.. however It’s the result of an amazing day where I am left exhausted yet energized at the same time.  Covered in scratches, a few bruises, and my layers of dirt have layers of dirt on them.  And I will be back June 4th for the next one on the West Side.

There were many great pictures taken by Maciej(Mat) Radoszewski and can be seen on his site fantomdesigns – http://www.flickr.com/photos/fantomdesigns/sets/72157626444770233/

Today marked my 3rd Stave Lake Clean up of the 4 Wheel Drive Association of BC (4WDABC), and each year I leave feeling so perplexed at the feelings of both disgust at what the people will do to this world, and on the other hand so amazed by those who come out to support the events and the amount of effort they put into the day of clean up.  Before I get into the details, I wanted to give a shout out to our amazing sponsors and people who helped make this happen.