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Eagle Mountain Key Program Update

From the President: The City of Coquitlam is currently working on a new key access program for Eagle Mountain. The new system will be a Bluetooth-based with a smartphone app. All gate openings, and closings (or lack thereof), are logged. This will mean that all pass holders are accountable for the state of affairs. Technology… Continue reading Eagle Mountain Key Program Update

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Stave West and the mud flats update.

This past week, many users of the flats were surprised to see someone in an official-looking truck and uniform putting up signs and telling them the flats were being turned into a Provincial park and that they would now have to pay for camping on the flats. 4WDABC President Kim Reeves was on the phone… Continue reading Stave West and the mud flats update.

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Eagle Mountain Access

By Kim Reeves On June 20th, 2017, Rec Sites and Trails BC advised me that the Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO) under the direction of the District Engineering Officer, would be closing the Cypress Lake Forest Service Road to 4×4 and ATV as of June 30th, citing unrestricted access and existing… Continue reading Eagle Mountain Access

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Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group March 2017 meeting minutes

  Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting Notes from March 20, 2017 (Chilliwack Resource District Office on Airport Road in Chilliwack) Attending: Tom Blackbird (Chilliwack Resource District Recreation Officer), Cathy Ross (Chilliwack Resource District Recreation Technician), Neil Hawkings (DSBC), Ryan Thom (BMMC), Doug Storozinski (CRVC), Doug Young (BMMC), Rose Schroeder (BCHBC), Mike Overhoff (DSBC), Ken Hurley… Continue reading Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group March 2017 meeting minutes

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Response to “Madness on the Mudflats”

“ATVs, shotguns, parties and fatalities: ‘Lawlessness abounds’ at Stave Lake mudflats near Mission“ It is always interesting giving interviews to the media for stories being written on topics like Stave Lake and motorized recreation. One never knows the slant that the story will be written. Case in point is today’s Province story ‘Madness on the… Continue reading Response to “Madness on the Mudflats”

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Blakeburn Bottom

Today my Gluteus maximus hurts, cause – numb icy toes, slippery rocks in the stream and my never ending pre-disposition to be caught up in the fantasy land I’m walking through and capturing every moment that I can. Which resulted in not only once, but twice in landing in the water with my backside meeting some rather large pointy rocks, the bruises will heal and simply means I get to spend the next few days recalling how amazing the hike up the stream was.

As I headed up the Blakeburn Road, recalling so many discoveries in these hills the last few years, still utterly amazed at each new hidden relic I find. I quickly made my way off of the Loadstone FSR to Arrastra Creek FSR, then down to the bridge below. As I made my descent, the familiar outline of Lover’s Leap could be seen high above against the mountains side. I parked to the side, surrounded by tantalizing wild raspberries and thimble berries, perfectly ripe and fit for melting on my tongue.

Distance to the intended destination, directly up the creek a bit less than 800 meters. Caught up in the ideas of what may still be there, are the rumors true? Will I find carts still connected to each other hanging precariously on something? What will it be like to stand beneath Lover’s Leap staring up at it from below?

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Eagle Mountain and the Key Program

Eagle Mountain and the key program

Eagle Mountain, or Eagle Ridge as it is also known, is an old, deactivated forest road system north of Westwood Plateau, or as many would remember, north of Westwood Raceway. This area has been an active wheeling area since the ‘50’s.

Access to this area by 4wheelers was officially closed and gated in 2002. This closure marked the end to wheeling west of Stave Lake. This marked the end to week night wheeling as well where a small group could go for an hours drive, have some fun and enjoy a nice view of the city.

Minutes - ORC/CRAG and others

Jan 2015 – CRAG Minutes

Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group Meeting October 27, 2014

Ministry of Forests Building, Airport Road, Chilliwack

Attendance list: Marina Dunn (RSTBC), Jacquie Horn (RSTBC), Tennesse Trent (RSTBC), Rose Schroeder (Horse Council BC), Scott Davis-Fisch (FVMBA), Mike Overhoff (DSBC), Brian Romak (CSC), Peter Friesen (DSBC), Leon LeBrun (TBC), Garth Harper (GVMC), Elmer Niezen ( CSC), Jack Bryceland (FMCBC), Mike Reilly (RNATV), Karin Smith (BCHBC), Kim Reeves (4WDABC), Ernie Kliever (FVMBA), Pat Harrison (HikeBC/NHT), Andrew Boxwell (BCTS), Ray Heppner (CORC), Martina Lang (Jet Set Paragliding), Randy MacAhonic (Chwk Fish and Game Club)

Guests in Attendance: Orion Engar (FVRD Area E Director), Suzanne Gieshar (FVRD), Laurie Throness (MLA Chwk Hope). Enrique Sanchez (Planning Forester BCTS), Andrew Boxwell (Co-op Student).

1. Welcome and Additional Agenda topics.

2. Introduction of Guests: by Marina D.

3. Meeting Topics

a. BCTS Stakeholder Project – Enrique Sanchez

     – ACTION: asking that individual stakeholder groups arrange to sit with himself and Andrew to identify each areas of

       interest and expectations in the Chwk Forest District. This will help with communication of proposed harvesting

       plans and decide how to mediate expectations of all stakeholders. We should outline Core areas and any outlying as

       well. Set up an appt with Andrew at 604-702-5747.

     – suggestion that CRAG send Enrique and Andrew an updated CRAG contact list. MOF would like to share this

       contact list with their contractors who will in turn contact the group that may be impacted by harvesting work. There

       was consensus that would be okay.

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2011 – East Stave Lake Clean Up

As I sit here tonight with a red Gatorade and some feel good pills, some may be thinking that I tied one on last night.. however It’s the result of an amazing day where I am left exhausted yet energized at the same time.  Covered in scratches, a few bruises, and my layers of dirt have layers of dirt on them.  And I will be back June 4th for the next one on the West Side.

There were many great pictures taken by Maciej(Mat) Radoszewski and can be seen on his site fantomdesigns –

Today marked my 3rd Stave Lake Clean up of the 4 Wheel Drive Association of BC (4WDABC), and each year I leave feeling so perplexed at the feelings of both disgust at what the people will do to this world, and on the other hand so amazed by those who come out to support the events and the amount of effort they put into the day of clean up.  Before I get into the details, I wanted to give a shout out to our amazing sponsors and people who helped make this happen.