Wheeling Wisely - Foundations of Four-Wheeling

Foundations of Four-Wheeling

This course will take up to ten students for a full day of instruction with a minimum of three instructors, allowing you to interact with the other students and share your experiences while learning from each other.

The focus of Foundations of Four-Wheeling is to take you through the very basics and help make you comfortable in your off-road vehicle in a variety of common situations and obstacles.

Course topics include simple trip planning/preparedness for an afternoon adventure, understanding your vehicle while looking at it in a 360-degree view, trail safety and etiquette, the importance of airing down, trail driving, and simple recovery.

In this day-long class, you will safely learn with our trained instructors in a controlled real-world environment. On-trail skills you’ll learn include how to pick a line, spotting, hill climbing and descent, off-camber (side-hill), and driving in different terrain conditions, to name a few. 

The day will conclude with learning the basics of vehicle recovery using a recovery strap, important post-trip procedures, and airing up before heading home.

By the end of the course, you will gain confidence in yourself and a better understanding of your vehicle, allowing you to head out on your adventures and be safer.