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Special things we have going on.

Wheelers of Tomorrow

We believe the children are our future. 

Disrespect of our backcountry (garbage dumping, "grad camps", and so on) is a problem generations in the making, and restoring that respect won't happen over night. The Wheelers of Tomorrow program was created to help educate today's youth in backcountry etiquette, and help instill a love of BC's great outdoors. In time, they can pass that respect on to their own children.

To learn more, or to help support this program, please visit

Wheeling Wisely

As with the Wheelers of Tomorrow program, we believe education is the key to safe and responsible backcountry travel.

To that end, we've created the Wheeling Wisely program for off-road driver training.

Our instructors are all experienced off-roaders, trained by some of the best off-road driving instructors in the world from the I4WDTA, not just in driving and recovery, but in teaching our knowledge to others.

To learn more, and to see what courses we have coming up, please visit


Gates are the bane of the backcountry user's existence. Some exist for good reason and should be respected, but others are obsolete, or even illegal.

Many can be legitimately opened or removed. Sadly, the BC government doesn't have records of many of the gates out there. Enter GateBuddy, a mobile app designed to allow crowdsourcing of gate and obstacle locations, generating data that can be presented to government so they can see to the removal of gates that don't belong.

To learn more, and to get the app, please visit

Key Programs

Key programs are a means to regain access where landowners or government bodies have a need to control, limit, or monitor access to an area, without shutting the public out entirely.

For us, it started with the Eagle Mountain key program in 2009, and expanded to the Norrish Creek code access program in 2019. These programs are built on the reputation our members have built over the years for solid backcountry stewardship. We're now looking at other areas where lost access might be restored for members. 

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What's Your Idea?

Do you have an idea for a project that could benefit wheelers in BC, that the 4WDABC can help with? 

Maybe our Board of Directors and Officers can offer experience, knowledge, or contacts? 

Maybe the Association can provide logistical or financial support?

Maybe we can help promote your idea and rally volunteers (we are ALL volunteers here, after all)?

Let us know what you're doing and how you think we can help! 

Email (or use the form below) to discuss!