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Wheeling Wisely - Essentials of Off-Road Recovery

Essentials of Off-Road Recovery

The second course in the Wheeling Wisely series is Essentials of Off-Road Recovery. This class takes you through the basics of self-recovery, and gives you the ability to safely help a friend get out of that “sticky situation”. With hands-on experience in a variety of common scenarios, you will gain confidence and understanding of the techniques and gear used to make all your off-road adventures safer.

Following introductions and housekeeping, the day will start with a review of equipment commonly used in recovery, which will help you figure out what you need. We’ll also take you through the steps of the "stuck assessment 360" and show you how to use that information to formulate and execute a recovery plan.

With a basic understanding of common gear and planning, we’ll dive into using some of that gear for a traction extraction demonstration before we guide you through the same exercise in your own vehicle with your own gear (don’t have the gear yet? No problem, we have lots to share). 

Next, we'll run through a demonstration and exercise on how to properly and safely use a hi-lift jack ("it's not just a jack, it's a tool"), including some of the uses besides simply lifting your vehicle.

Building on your new skills and confidence from the day, we’ll move onto winching. During this session, our skilled instructors will teach you about winching safety including a review of gear and hand signals, before executing a double line pull demo. After the demo, we'll break into small groups in which you'll set up and perform a double line pull on your own vehicles under the guidance of our skilled instructors.

By the end of this action-packed day, you will have learned new skills, built your confidence, and made new friends. You’ll be better prepared to deal with situations that may come up on your next adventure!


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