Wheeling Wisely Testimonials

Ian Hartley

This course is a great foundation to wheeling with your 4x4. Take it. The instructors share their knowledge as a team and are very patience with learning from you as well. I took it in Prince George and it was a super event; the second day was a trail run where I learned how my FJ handles (and me too!) on an "intermediate" trail. Good company and good stories.

Pete Craig, 2011 JKU, New Westminster

Guys, thanks again for the "Foundations of Four-Wheeling" course on West Harrison November 16th (2019). Our family jeep is our camping platform - and our overlanding trips have been getting progressively more aggressive. For way less than I've spent on the radio or the inReach (or the new gearing, or the tires, or the...), I ended up better off. Dollar for dollar and hour for hour, it was probably the best return I've had on anything I've plowed into that jeep. The fundamentals course was a great check on what I thought I knew, but added much more to it. I came away far more comfortable with what we do out there in the woods, armed with new tricks and equipped with some important - but thankfully simple and cheap - changes to make. From the hidden advantages of soft shackles to a pretty important lesson about my personal departure angle, I learned a lot. And had a fairly good time doing it -  your small group break-out format works really well and I'm still shocked at how well the convoying ran.  I very much look forward to the recovery course, but it was ideal to take the fundamentals.


Taressa Hodgkin

It was a great course, and when I have told people about it the most common response has been, "That's a thing?" To which I happily respond that it is and inform them about the 4WDABC and the course. 

Rick Hersh

The course Wheeling Wisely that I took last year was absolutely awesome. What I liked the best was the fact that there were a lot of instructors and everyone was so friendly. It was like I had known these people for years. I am glad I decided to join the club and meet people that are into the same thing that I have just gotten into. The instructors gave me the confidence and push me to do a few things that for sure I would have never attempted on my own. The fact that they all had a lot of experience was very comforting and the course was very well done with each instructor having his knowledge and experience put forth to us which is why I am all for taking more courses and meeting a lot more people that like to do the same stuff as myself

Davy Greenlees

Good day Friends!

I just wanted to fan out another Thank you for the great work done here this past weekend.   Lucas is still grinning ear to ear, and now wants to buy a wheeler.... ack

But even more so, I had a great time watching you all, and watching the students grow in knowledge and especially confidence.  On top of that, it was really SO MUCH FUN to wheel with amazing people like you!

Cant wait to do it again!