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Wheeling Wisely Testimonials

Jesse MacDonald, Penticton & District Search & Rescue

Good morning folks!

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful weekend once again! Not only was it extremely informative, but it was a lot of fun. As you indicated - it's more than knowledge training, it's mindset training when looking at a tool or problem.

Please keep my contact info, my phone number is in my signature block below. In the near future I will share my photos with you to use as you wish (I'll set up a Google Drive and give you access). I will also put together a short report to share with other training directors in the region and province, and will include Mike's contact info for them to reach out. 

All the best, and it was wonderful spending time with you - even Finbar!


Ian Hartley

This course is a great foundation to wheeling with your 4x4. Take it. The instructors share their knowledge as a team and are very patience with learning from you as well. I took it in Prince George and it was a super event; the second day was a trail run where I learned how my FJ handles (and me too!) on an "intermediate" trail. Good company and good stories.

Pete Craig, 2011 JKU, New Westminster

Guys, thanks again for the "Foundations of Four-Wheeling" course on West Harrison November 16th (2019). Our family jeep is our camping platform - and our overlanding trips have been getting progressively more aggressive. For way less than I've spent on the radio or the inReach (or the new gearing, or the tires, or the...), I ended up better off. Dollar for dollar and hour for hour, it was probably the best return I've had on anything I've plowed into that jeep. The fundamentals course was a great check on what I thought I knew, but added much more to it. I came away far more comfortable with what we do out there in the woods, armed with new tricks and equipped with some important - but thankfully simple and cheap - changes to make. From the hidden advantages of soft shackles to a pretty important lesson about my personal departure angle, I learned a lot. And had a fairly good time doing it -  your small group break-out format works really well and I'm still shocked at how well the convoying ran.  I very much look forward to the recovery course, but it was ideal to take the fundamentals.


Taressa Hodgkin

It was a great course, and when I have told people about it the most common response has been, "That's a thing?" To which I happily respond that it is and inform them about the 4WDABC and the course. 

Rick Hersh

The course Wheeling Wisely [Foundations of Four-Wheeling] that I took last year was absolutely awesome. What I liked the best was the fact that there were a lot of instructors and everyone was so friendly. It was like I had known these people for years. I am glad I decided to join the club and meet people that are into the same thing that I have just gotten into. The instructors gave me the confidence and push me to do a few things that for sure I would have never attempted on my own. The fact that they all had a lot of experience was very comforting and the course was very well done with each instructor having his knowledge and experience put forth to us which is why I am all for taking more courses and meeting a lot more people that like to do the same stuff as myself.

The [Essentials of Off-Road Recovery] course was awesome and the instructors are really knowledgable and very helpful and you can see that they enjoy what they teach. That's what makes these courses awesome because of the interest and enthusiasm these instructors put forth. I am looking forward to the next course. I do have some ideas that I would like to convey that would improve a few things 

Thanks, Rick   

(webmaster note: thank you Rick, we'd love to hear your ideas! Please send them to

Davy Greenlees

Good day Friends!

I just wanted to fan out another Thank you for the great work done here this past weekend.   Lucas is still grinning ear to ear, and now wants to buy a wheeler.... ack

But even more so, I had a great time watching you all, and watching the students grow in knowledge and especially confidence.  On top of that, it was really SO MUCH FUN to wheel with amazing people like you!

Cant wait to do it again!



Dean Hedman

To anyone considering taking any of the Wheeling Wisely course, I highly recommend them. I took both the foundations and recovery courses this past weekend and they were extremely well thought out, planned and executed. I was impressed with the student to instructors ratio, there was always an instructor available for every situation and to answer each and every question.  Every one of the instructors was knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful. I highly recommend both courses to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in off-roading and recovery. Thank you to  4WDABC, the instructors and to the other students. I enjoyed every minute of both days. I will be taking more courses and hope to see all of you on the trail soon. 

Thank you,


P.S. If you are considering one of these courses, make sure you pull the trigger as soon as they come available because they sell out quickly.

Dave Jarvis

Foundations of Four-Wheeling

Amazing course with a great group of knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Lots of very useful information and hands-on exposure to minor off-roading obstacles.  All instructors were willing to listen to questions and suggestions from students throughout the day and really emphasized the fact that everyone is always learning, even with 30 years of off-roading experience.   Highly recommend taking this course before any other of the offered courses especially if you are new to off-roading. It sets a great foundation for learning and helps you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel of your off-road vehicle!  


Essentials of Off-Road Recovery

Another amazing course with a ton of information and knowledge.  Instructors we amazing as always and very supportive of students.  The course covered lots of recovery gear and techniques. Highly recommend this course for anyone with a small amount of off-roading experience or someone looking to tackle some harder off-road adventures and would like more knowledge on recovery gear, techniques, habits, and must-haves!  I had an absolutely amazing day and learned a lot more than I thought I would have!!  



Harry Brumer & Christin Wiedemann

Huge thanks to Richard Kenneth SheridanChris Susut, and Jason Belanger for an amazing two days of Wheeling Wisely courses in Kamloops this past weekend. We had lots of hands-on experiences (hands on the steering wheel, hands on tons of recovery gear), with just the right mix of technical instruction to keep it both deeply informative and super fun. Lots of smiles and good humor all around, especially from the instructors. My wife and I went in knowing a fair bit, and finished the weekend knowing a lot more.

Manny Randhawa

100% recommend! it only cost only $100 which was an amazing value for what I got! Learned all the basic safety procedures from very knowledgeable staff who were very down to earth.

Carol Lynn

Learning more about my Jeep and the ways to approach obstacles. The trainers were also very patient about teaching various things repeatedly. Ended up purchasing the rapid air down tool.

Digvijay Singh Rathore

This was a great session and I totally recommend them if you are a 4x4 newbie or want to learn more. The trainers were awesome and paced the session at an appropriate pace.

Stephanie Whitaker

I attended the Essentials of Off Road Recovery course and couldn't have been more impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication to safety the guys teaching it had.

They introduced us to lots of different types of gear from simple things like shovels, to pulleys and even high lifts.

After the safety points were covered, including a brief talk about different suspensions, we got to practice the skills we had learned on their vehicles.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone, but especially to people like myself who don't have a lot of knowledge about recovery.

Julia Ion

For any newbie and even experienced drivers, the trainers are top notch, making sure we not only understanding the vehicle we are driving, but how it relates and interacts with the ground and environment around you.

And making sure you're out with those you trust.

I definitely went from a pavement princess to a wheeling witch. 😉

Brenda Strand

I just want to give a shout out to these dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly trainers! I gained confidence and skills and definitely felt like I was given the best information. I enjoyed the hands on learning and the ability to ask any questions without feeling dumb. Amazing work guys I really enjoyed how you all work together as a team. ( I even found the humour, humorous 🤣)

Angela Carraro-Trudel

Great beginner course. The team provides a safe environment to ask questions, holds your hand when needed, but also pushes you outside your comfort level.

The mixture of information is just enough to give you an understanding of your vehicle without overwhelming you. Plus you get a sticker. 😏

Highly recommend to anyone starting their off-roading journey.


Nev Lapwood

This course is excellent! I learned a lot about my vehicle, gear and off roading in general. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting out their 4x4 vehicle

Dawn Tyacke

As a person who's wheeled for years but never operated a winch before, I decided to invest in the Wheeling Wisely Recovery course after getting a winch installed on my Jeep. This course covered so much more than that, and I'm extremely glad I invested in the training. The crew that put this together has spent countless hours developing the curriculum and their skills, and it shows. Being able to ask questions in a non-judgmental environment and see techniques and equipment I never would have considered before has drastically changed how I will plan my trips and my future equipment purchases.

Our student group had stock pickups, lifted SUVs, a lifted Jeep, and even a SPRINTER VAN which was a beautiful overlanding build.

So a big thank you and a glowing review to the team that put this on in challenging conditions due to the travel restrictions - I feel much more confident about my future adventures. If you're considering the courses, I can't recommend them enough.

Denise Hitt

These courses a must for anyone heading off-road! The instructors give you a wealth of knowledge, tons of hands-on experience with your own gear and show you what you and your vehicle are capable of! Thanks to all who put the courses together and of course our instructors for spending their weekend to prepare us for the road ahead, including the rabbit holes 😉

Tom W.

Just wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you and your team for being available for a second weekend to provide the Wheeling Wisely and Essentials of Recovery courses.

Your thoughtfulness, experience, wisdom and good humor made the weekend so enjoyable and so full of great information.  Combining the theory with hands-on made for a really effective training experience.  And the structured approach to risk assessment and problem-solving have benefits far beyond the course itself.

Thank you again, and please keep building the team to deliver this much-needed course.  I'll continue to encourage folks to sign up.

See you on the trails.

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