Big Brother & Sisters Run - Sea to Sky

14 Jul 2019
9:00am - 5:00pm PDT

We are very excited to be hosting our 5th 4x4 run with very special guests, kids that are part of the Big Brothers and Sisters program!

Our last 4 events provided memories to last them a lifetime for these very deserving kids. . And we have a 6th planned in the Harrison Region.

Laughs, friendships, and memories were had in a unique way that many of us that are privileged to be avid off-roaders take for granted.

We are expecting to host a to be determined number of kids and their Chaperone's. I am hoping to have 10 trucks to start, Then will work with waiting lists to match kids/trucks..

We will also need first aid, support vehicles for spotting, trail leading, photograph, cooking etc. So there are many options to assist.

The Meeting location is to be determined

It would be amazing if we could get others to join us and share as part of this experience and show the amazing wheeling family we have here in BC.

To be able to host kids, you will require the following;

3 spare seats - to hold 2 kids and a chaperone,
A fully licensed and insured vehicle
A vehicle & driving skills to confidently go in and out of Hale

We may need other vehicles to host additional parties that would only require one free seat.. But even if you aren't driving the kids - we invite you to join us to help out with things like lunch, helping lead trails etc etc - it takes our wheeling family to host these events.

If you are interested, and can 100% commit to being there, please PM Krix here - or email her at

First Aid - Dawn S.

14 Jul 2019
9:00am - 5:00pm PDT

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