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Chilliwack Lake Rd Cleanup

10 Jul 2022
10:00am - 3:30pm PDT

Specifically Nesakwatch Creek FSR, which runs parallel to Chilliwack Lake Rd and Foley Creek FSR (Surrounding areas if time permits).


THE PLAN - We will meet at 10AM, have everyone sign in and wait for most people to show up to have the meeting/announcements, during this you can chat with your fellow wheelers, etc. This is usually wrapped up by 10:30AM. From there we will pair you up with a group or you can venture out on your own and begin the cleanup. Report back to the meetup location for 12:30PM for lunch and continue afterward to wrap up/load up for 3:30PM to make it back to the Bailey Landfill before 5PM.

THE TRASH - There are 2 trailers dumped with piles of garbage surrounding them, one is burned down, see discussion in the event for images. These will be our main priorities although there are several other spots littered with trash as well, we expect this will only get worse as this is the weekend following Canada Day. Coordinates/directions to the garbage will be provided on the day of the event.

MEETUP TIME - 10AM. The event will take place until around 3:30-4:00PM, this will ensure we have enough time to drop the garbage and recycling off at the Bailey Landfill before they close, attendees are welcome to show up/leave after the meetup time and clean at their own pace. Landfill fees will all be covered. We may need some members to haul a load back to the landfill depending on the amount of garbage.

MEETUP LOCATION - Exact Location TBD, will be posted by Friday, July 1st.
We will be stationed with a 4WDABC tent and multiple vehicles.......

LUNCH - Maple Ridge Chrysler will be providing pizza for all the attendees. Pizza will arrive at roughly 12:30PM. Further announcements/details will be made at the event meetup.

Lunch, garbage bags, clear recycling bags, nylon gloves, cold bottled water, snacks and dump fees for landfill drop-off will be provided. We have a limited supply of garbage pickers, bring your own if you can.

For those who do not know, the FSRs in this area are very well maintained FSRs and are travelled frequently, any vehicle with decent tires is fully capable of travelling it although some trails and side shoots of the cleanup focus areas may require some ground clearance and 4 wheel drive. Cleanup leaders will guide you the best they can based on your vehicle's capability at the meetup area but if you think an area is too much for you and/or your vehicle, continue on until you find an area that isn't. Some pinstripping may occur depending on the trails you decide to go down, most should trash should be close to the main FSR so this isn't a huge concern.

Maple Ridge Chrysler will be attending this event and supplying a vehicle to haul stuff away and a pizza lunch as well as helping out with the cleanup in general. Thank you to our amazing CSM. 

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10 Jul 2022
10:00am - 3:30pm PDT

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