Family Picnic & Fund Raiser - Wheelers of Tomorrow

08 Sep 2019
10:00am - 3:00pm PDT

The 4WDABC's First Family Picnic is being held at Mission Heritage Park. It is important to post your attend so we can estimate attendance, food needs and all other aspects. Especially the kids so we can make sure to try to have goodies for everyone.

There will be (if all goes well) a Dunk Tank filled to the brim with water, Frozen T-shirt, Bouncy Castle, Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs & Drinks and maybe other stuff; along with prizes for the kids.

There will also be fund raising - such as 50/50 draw, buy chances to dunk your favorite offroaders in water (and maybe Kim & Matt might have offered to sit in the tank and a few others)

o Balloon Dart
o 3 legged races
o Find Hidden Items
o Build a truck (bring in pieces of wood, paint etc)
o Balloon toss
o Pinata
o Bean Bag Toss
o Hula Hoop
o Drive a kids jeep
o Frisbie Golf
o Jenga
o Frozen t-shirt contents

Volunteers to help make this happen and assistance is needed with the following, and many other things as time goes on, including parking and helping out with the games

1. People who are willing to try to drum up free food for this rather potentially very large picnic in September. I suspected we can likely get donations of the pop, icecream, food stuff etc by getting a start now based on my prior events.

2. People to drum up prizes for children - so nothing big is needed, but $5 - $10 prizes would be nice. - I'm thinking 50 maybe. If we can, and a ton of really small "give always" like dollar store things for the kids doing the games.

3. People to drum up a few nice "parent prizes" for putting up with a day of rather large noisy children.

4. People who are willing to start gathering the games items if we can them donated or identify best place to get things like pinatas, hula hoops, water balloons.

Attendees (2)

08 Sep 2019
10:00am - 3:00pm PDT

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  • Fraser River Heritage Park, 7494 Mary St, Mission, BC V2V 6Y9, Canada