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Director at Large - Chris Bonnell

They asked me to write up a bio for my nomination for Director at Large with 4WDABC and keep it short.  My name is Chris Bonnell, and I have been a member of the Association for three years.  Over the last year, I've been fairly active with supporting as many events as possible, so now it's time to give back to the people, both staff and group members, what they've done for me with sharing a vast knowledge of driving skills and environmental protection.  

In life, I'm a Commercial Transport mechanic (20 years) and a CF Officer in the reserves for the Army Cadet program for the last seven years.  My goal is to pass on my knowledge to others and help with the training of both future and current wheelers on safety, recovery and environmental stewardship on the trails.

  • Chris Bonnell Thanks for putting forth my nomination and im looking forward to answering any questions, and if you see me out on the trails, by all means come talk over a camp fire and coffee.
    1 year ago