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Director at Large - Mike Tishken

Hello to 4WDABC members and board members,

My name is Mike Tishken, and for the last two years, I have been a regional officer for the Okanagan area.

I have been regularly active in my area, promoting 4wdabc and the work we do for our members.

I am currently working on the preservation of a couple of fire lookouts. Such as Eureka, Sugar and Mara lookout. These are great assets to our community and history.

I regularly hold 4wd & coffee meets, and this has been a great way to meet and get to know people in my area. This is an important part of what I do because I get to know many fellow wheelers, and it keeps me informed of any trails that may be closed or concerns our members might have.

I also actively work with clubs in our area, such as Jeep Okanagan with their meet and greets and charity runs and the Vernon Atv Club with preservations of fire lookouts and future trail runs with both of our clubs as a kind of mash-up.  I feel it's awesome to reach out to other kinds of clubs to see what kind of fun collaborations we can come up with.

I would like to run for Director at Large on the Board of 4wdabc.

I feel like I can bring a lot to the table from a different perspective, and being from the Okanagan, I can bring a more active presence of 4wdabc in my area. I love all different kinds of off-road vehicles. I currently drive a hummer h2, and with that, I can bring a different perspective of off-roading.

With this position, I will actively work with the local government, 4wdabc members, local clubs and 4wdabc board members to help preserve access to our backcountry. I will promote backcountry clean-ups and preservations of historically significant landmarks such as fire lookouts.

I look forward to this opportunity to work with great people in the 4wd Community.


Mike Tishken