A Dream Given Form

Since the 4WDABC's inception 42 years ago, education has been a key component of what we stand for: safe and responsible wheeling.

For the past few years, we've worked to update the old Driver's Manual and instructed new wheelers as best we could, based on our own experiences, but we always knew we needed to up our game and bring in some professional help.

Last fall, after a two-year research and vetting process, we engaged the International 4 Wheel Drive Trainers Association to visit us here in Beautiful BC. Together with the Three Amigos (Michael Block, Will Gillette, Dan Griffin) and Izzy Sanchez, Chris Cole and the legendary Bill Burke spent an intensive week with 17 of our members from all over BC, imparting equal measures of instruction in teaching concepts and methods, and off-road driving, recovery, and safety. 

Welcome to Wheeling Wisely.

Yes, it's finally here!

After another year of curriculum planning, course development, and hands-on practice, we're excited to announce the launch of our Wheeling Wisely program with our first course: Foundations of Four-Wheeling.

This course will take students for a full day of instruction with at least six instructors, allowing you to interact with the other students and share your experiences while learning from each other.

The focus of Foundations of Four-Wheeling is to take you through the very basics and help make you comfortable in your off-road vehicle in a variety of common situations and obstacles.

Course topics include simple trip planning/preparedness for an afternoon adventure, understanding your vehicle while looking at it in a 360-degree view, trail safety and etiquette, the importance of airing down, trail driving, and simple recovery.

In this day-long class, you will safely learn with our trained instructors in a controlled real-world environment. On-trail skills you’ll learn include how to pick a line, spotting, hill climbing and descent, off-camber (side-hill), and driving in different terrain conditions, to name a few. 

The day will conclude with learning the basics of vehicle recovery using a recovery strap, important post-trip procedures, and airing up before heading home.

By the end of the course, you will gain confidence in yourself and a better understanding of your vehicle, allowing you to head out on your adventures and be safer.

The Wheeling Wisely program launched in Prince George this September to rave reviews, and will continue in October in Mission. We're currently planning courses in Kamloops and on Vancouver Island, and will continue branching out to other parts of the province.

Once we're well established with Foundations of Four-Wheeling, the program will expand to cover more advanced topics, including intermediate off-road driving, dedicated recovery courses, wilderness first aid, and more.

Watch the Events section for updates!

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